The next generation of legislative tracking

Build an AI analyst team that monitors every city, county, and state legislative body

Leave keyword tracking in the past. With LegislatureAI Insights, your AI analysts work 24/7 to surface insights legacy products overlook.

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AI legislative analysis

Stop spending hours reading meeting agendas.

Drill down to what matters instantly instead.

We custom build intelligent AI legislative analysts to reflect your organization's perspectives and surface risks and opportunities in real time, even those that evade traditional keyword-tracking monitors.
Launching this summer

Complete state + local coverage

Not just the state legislature. Every city and county in California and Hawaiʻi.

We've got you covered.

Risks to your organization or your clients can arise anywhere, so you need eyes and ears everywhere. That's why we're expanding to cover every state and local legislative body in California and Hawaiʻi.
Launching this summer

Public comment summaries + analysis

The pulse of public comment at your fingertips.

See what agencies, unions, businesses, activists, and the general public are saying, at a glance.

AI summaries and analysis of public comment across select bodies in California and Hawaiʻi, coming soon.

And much more

News monitoring

Redline change tracking

At-a-glance amendment summaries

Real-time alerts

Daily digest emails

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PDF reports

Launching this summer

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